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Pro Moves & Services Inc. Hire A Helper Testimonials

“The two movers were pleasant & efficient. They were 1 and a half hours late, they said due to rain, but they did call ahead to let me know. The timing was not critical in my case.”

Nancy P

“They worked hard and were pleasant to have around.”

Gretchen F

“After having one company not show this new group came the same day and on time. They were very pleasant and did a fabulous job.”

Barbra R

“They were prompt and loaded everything in a timely matter. I was happy with their performance.”

Laurie K

“Wins: Pedro’s team was hard-working, and efficient, respectful of our personal belongings and packed the pod using every inch of space. Would definitely recommend them! Opportunities: Coming prepared to the job site with the dolly, as this was specified in our job request details. We were first time pod users and scheduled they for 4 hours. Despite the delay from not having the dolly, they finished in about 2.5 hours.”

Ben S

“Our helpers were awesome! They were on time, prepared, worked extremely hard and very helpful! Would definitely use them again!”

Dylan M

“I missed their phone call about coming here, so we had to push the appointment back. As it turned out, it was good because it quit raining just long enough to pack the POD. They arrived ready to work, worked the whole time, and placed all the heavy furniture in the POD well. I would hire them again.”

Terri H

“Pedro and his team did an outstanding job!”

Jason S

“They did an excellent job when they came, but the company it self does not schedule very well, they were suppose to come between 9-10 and we found out from Petro that they don’t even open untill 10, and then I had to call to find out where they were and had to go back and forth to get them there by 12, they were thinking 3, and then the company had some some schedule right during that time so our boys guys were trying to leave early from us to make everyone happy!! Company needs to better organize!!! petro and his helper were very friendly and worked there butts off for us and we’re very professional! Company scheduling needs some work lol”

Debbie B

“They worked hard and were polite, tied me in on things that needed to be.”

David W

“I hired 2 men to help me unload a moving van. They were professional, friendly, prepared, hard working, and helpful. The job was done in 2 hours. I highly recommend them to anyone needing an extra hand.”

Kelly P

“They were an half an hour early. They did a great job under the circumstances they were working underwith other rude people in the house. Also it started to pour down rain about half an hour into the move. The were respectful of my stuff n the other people stuff too. They worked very hard. Steve did a terrific job of packing my truck I rented. I would definitely recommend using this company again. I was using for packing my truck because I was moving out of state..my cost was $413.00. Debby from MD”

Deborah A. F